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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you change your married name on social security?

A marriage document showing your name and either date of birth or age (only when submitted to support the application for a name change)A U.S. ...A non-government employee identity card/badge card showing your name and either a photograph or your date of birth.A health insurance card or U.S. ...Date of birth.A photograph.A school identity cardMore items...

How to ask the court to change your name?

You can do this by:Introducing yourself using your new nameFilling out forms and applications under your new nameTelling your family and friends to only refer to you by your new nameInforming your school, employer, and other institutions of your new name (some institutions may require legal documentation of your name change).

How do you Change Your Name on Social Security card?

like a name change, you can use our free online service at Visit our Social Security Number and Card page at to learn more about your Social Security card. Or read our fact sheet ...

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