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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the chart preparation time for evening trains?

For evening trains, chart is prepared at the usual time of 4 hours prior to the departure time. 5. What is the chart preparation time for mid-night trains? Chart for all mid-night or early morning trains, is prepared in the evening around 8 pm.

What time is the final chart preparation time?

The final chart preparation time varies for morning trains, evening trains, and midnight trains. For trains that are scheduled to depart from 12 am in the midnight to 11 am in the morning, the charting is usually done at 8.00 PM on the previous day.

How are trains charted?

Charts are prepared on the basis of departure time from the stations to which the Reservation Quota pertains. A train has multiple charting based on different Quota provided for the train. 1. Reservations are suspended in general before 4 hours of departure of the train from the station where the operative quota is ... more...

What is the last chart time for a train?

A final chart is prepared for such trains at 8 o’clock. In which travelers can easily see their confirmation. It makes the passengers aware of the waiting list and RAC status. For evening trains, the last chart time is also 3 to 4 hours before. There are some special trains in it, whose last chart can be put even 30 minutes before.

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