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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an easy access cash ISA?

An Easy Access Cash ISA is just the thing for money that you need access to quickly. No fixed periods, no need to give notice, just a simple account where your money earns interest until you need it. The Easy Access Cash ISA is available if you wish to take advantage of your ISA allowance for this tax year, or if you wish to transfer an ISA to us.

What is the interest rate on Charter Savings Bank's easy access cash?

The easy access cash ISA from Charter Savings Bank pays 1.44% and allows unlimited withdrawals. Note, you must have at least £5,000 to open this account and if your balance drops below this you'll earn just 0.1% interest.

Can I make a further deposit into my Charter Savings Bank Isa?

If you select a new Charter Savings Bank Fixed Rate Cash ISA and want to make a further deposit into it, you’ll have 30 days from the maturity date to do so. When setting up your payment from your Nominated Account, please ensure you quote Charter Savings Bank as the payee.

Should you choose a fixed-rate or easy-access Isa?

But if you're unlikely to need access in the short term, consider a fixed-rate ISA – many of these pay more and still let you withdraw (for a fee). Shawbrook Bank currently pays the top easy-access rate of 0.67%.

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