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Frequently Asked Questions

Which account can I pay my Charter Savings Bank interest in?

You can choose to have your interest paid into your Easy Access - Issue 22 Account, another Charter Savings Bank account held by you (subject to the specific conditions of that account) or your Nominated Account. Can Charter Savings Bank change the interest rate?

What is an easy-access savings account?

The main idea with easy-access accounts is that you pay cash into them, they pay you interest while the money's in the account and you can withdraw whenever you want. But interest rates are usually lower than on notice and fixed savings accounts, because you pay for the flexibility.

What is an easy access cash ISA?

An Easy Access Cash ISA is just the thing for money that you need access to quickly. No fixed periods, no need to give notice, just a simple account where your money earns interest until you need it. The Easy Access Cash ISA is available if you wish to take advantage of your ISA allowance for this tax year, or if you wish to transfer an ISA to us.

How do I transfer my existing cash ISA to chartersavings bank?

If you wish to do this when you open a new Cash ISA, you can let us know the details of your existing ISA during the online application process at; this can also be done after you have opened a Cash ISA with us, by downloading the relevant Transfer Authority Form from our Useful Documents page.

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