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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the charting method?

The Charting Method Method: Determine the categories to be covered in lecture. ... Advantages: Helps you track conversation and dialogues where you would normally be confused and lose out on relevant content. ... Disadvantages: Few disadvantages except learning how to use the system and locating the appropriate categories. ... More items...

What is life charting?

What is Life Charting? A life chart is a systematic collection of retrospective (past) and prospective (current) data on the course of illness and treatment recorded by a patient and/or clinician on the retrospective (by month) and prospective (by day) Life Chart Methodology (LCM) forms.

What is a trading chart?

A trading chart is a visual representation of data related to trading (price, market cap, etc.) and helping traders to identify the right moment for closing/opening a position. What kinds of charts are there? There are three major types of charts: lines, bars, and candlesticks. Where can I find trading charts?

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