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Frequently Asked Questions

What is chartswap?

ChartSwap is a fast, simple and secure business-to-business (B2B) Health Information Exchange software – connecting a rapidly expanding network of requestors and providers.

What happens after the records are uploaded to chartswap?

After the records are uploaded to ChartSwap, the requestor is notified of records being available to purchase. The requestor uses ChartSwap to pay the custodian fee and download the records. ChartSwap then transfers the custodian fee to the provider of the records.

How does a requestor use chartswap?

A requestor (law firm, record retrieval vendor, insurer, etc.) uses ChartSwap to request records. The receiving provider reviews the request and determines whether it can provide the records. If the provider chooses to provide the records, it uploads them into the ChartSwap platform.

Is chartswap HIPAA compliant?

ChartSwap enables HIPAA-Compliant medical record request of information (ROI) and medical records retrieval between registered requestors and medical record providers.

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