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Frequently Asked Questions

Is chantique a telekinetic?

Chantique exerts telekinetic power through the Force. In the eyes of her father, Antos Wyrick, Chantique was unremarkable and untalented. To the contrary, the Zeltron girl exhibited very little refined talent in her youth, but had in fact inherited her father's previously-unrealized Force-sensitivity.

What is chantique's father's personality like?

Apart from the Crucible, the biggest influence on Chantique's life was her estranged father, Antos Wyrick. Unlike most Zeltrons, Wyrick was almost entirely unreceptive to the emotional states of others due to his childhood experiences with the emotionless Iskalloni cyborgs.

What does chantique mean in the Crucible?

She earned the name "Chantique," which meant "destroyer" in the ancient language of the Crucible. Chantique was eventually challenged by one of the children she minded—the young Edessa, who was among the New Generation Academy younglings that had been captured by the Crucible not long after Chantique had been given to the organization.

Why is chantique so angry?

Emotional displays were not uncommon to members of Chantique's species, and had been frequent occurrences for her mother. However, unlike most members of her species, Chantique's outbursts were all anger-driven and violent, as a result of her upbringing in the Crucible.

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