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Frequently Asked Questions

What is chatiw chat site?

Chatiw is a chat site that lets users connect with other chatters all over the globe. You can either enjoy it for free or opt to pay the VIP membership. The VIP membership allows you to save your nickname and be a priority. How does Chatiw work? The chat site has a custom-built chat interface that allows users to communicate with other people.

What is the main feature of chatiw?

Chatiw is just basically a site that lets you chat with strangers all over the globe. It doesn't have any extra special features. However, you can find the following on their home and main pages: You can find the link to their blog articles and posts at the bottom of the homepage, before entering the main chat page.

How do I switch from audio to video chat on chatiw?

Like helpful when your device suffering from low battery issues. You can easily switch from a Chatiw audio conversation to a video conversation without any lengthy process. So if you are once preparing yourself to switch from audio to video chat just tap on the switch button.

What is the average age of a chatiw member?

In terms of age and gender, Chatiw has mostly younger members from the age group 18 to 24. There are more males than females who are mostly straight singles although people who are looking for same-sex relationship may join.

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