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Frequently Asked Questions

Does cholesterol or inflammation cause CHD?

When high levels of cholesterol occur in the bloodstream, excess LDL begins to seep into the inner wall of the artery. This triggers an inflammatory response, which actually speeds up the accumulation of cholesterol in the artery wall. This in turn produces more inflammation-and on and on.

What cholesterol level is dangerous to health?

Although LDL-C is considered to be the more "dangerous" type of cholesterol, it has to be also be viewed in the backdrop of the HDL-C levels. When are cholesterol levels dangerously high? Any blood cholesterol level, known as hypercholesterolemia, within the high range (above 6.2 mmol/L or 240 mg/dL and above) should be considered dangerous.

What number is considered high for cholesterol?

In practice, there is no highest cholesterol number achievable on standard tests. There are, however, scales that stop at various levels above the "high" mark of 240 mg/dL, or milligrams per deciliter. Often, 350 is the highest total cholesterol reading on such tests.

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