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Frequently Asked Questions

What is plus size clothing?

Plus size clothing can make or break a look. The lines, textures, fabric, patterns and colors must be just right to provide the perfect look for the plus size body. We have the plus size clothing to turn an ordinary wardrobe into something spectacular.

What kind of dresses do you have for plus size women?

We have plus size dresses with cutouts and crisscross strap detailing. We have casual plus size dresses in mini lengths with cute lace edging around the hemlines, and we have demure plus size midi dresses.

Are there any plus size dresses that are less revealing?

Whether you enjoy wearing the bandage style plus size dresses, or bodycon plus size dresses that are less revealing, we have the exact plus size dress that you are looking for. We have some daring and sophisticated plus size mini dresses. Some have chiffon inserts, and some have low backs. We have virtually any look you can imagine.

What kind of pants do Palazzo plus plus wear?

Plus size elastic waistband animal and tropical floral printed palazzo pants. They are fun looking, stylish and comfy. air with a tank top, fitted top or a blouse.

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