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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it true, once a cheat always a cheat?

This means that "once a cheater, always a cheater" definitely isn't true in all cases. It's a stereotype, to be sure. Consequently, it's not fair to judge someone as poor relationship material just because they've cheated in the past. More important than whether someone cheated is why they did so.

What are some PC cheats?

Cheat List JUNK FOOD NIGHT : 1000 food TROJAN HORSE FOR SALE : 1000 wood ATM OF EREBUS : 1000 gold LAY OF THE LAND : Show map UNCERTAINTY AND DOUBT : Hide map THRILL OF VICTORY : Win game L33T SUPA H4X0R : Faster build ATLANTIS REBORN : Heroes from expansion campaign BARKBARKBARKBARKBARK : Superdog with 5000 life points WUV WOO : Have a flying purple hippo More items...

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