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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an Xbox One PES 2019 option file?

Is there an Xbox One PES 2019 option file? Despite the possibility of third-party mods becoming more ingrained on the console in future, the Xbox One still doesn't have the ability to install option files. Will it work online?

How long does it take to make a team in PES 2019?

While it’s understandable that some players may take to creating their very own teams and kits, it is definitely no easy feat. Especially, when it will take players upwards of 40+ hours to manually edit and change all of the teams, leagues, kits, and stadiums within the PES 2019 database.

Will PES 2019 have real names and official badges?

As ever, you’ll be wanting the real names, and official kits and badges for PES 2019. Thankfully, this year, things are slightly more streamlined for PS4 and PC users, which means there’s really no excuse for keeping the generic placeholders.

What's new in PES 2019 and what's been removed?

Unfortunately, licensing woes don't stop there, as PES 2019 will also see the removal of both the Spanish and Italian Second Divisions. Much like previous years, the German Bundesliga league is once again absent from Pro Evolution Soccer 2019, with FIFA still holding the exclusive rights to the league.

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