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Frequently Asked Questions

What is special about Chincholi?

Local Tribes: Chincholi is also home to Lambani Tandas, a protected tribal community that lives in the forests in harmony with nature. Chincholi Wildlife Sanctuary is 609 kms from Bengaluru and 100 kms from district capital Kalaburagi.

What is Chine collé?

Chine-collé is sometimes mistakenly used to refer to any type of collage. But, the over-all effect of collé is that the paper is actually bonded, not just glued, to the print. It can, at times, look like it is embossed.

Who is chinchole Saurabh?

Saurabh was an online student of who had joined the Ethics and Public Administration courses by Pavan Kumar Sir. We wish Chinchole Saurabh all the best in his journey to become a topper and we hope that all of you could learn from him the right strategy to attempt Ethics paper in Civil Service Mains exam.

What is Chine collé printmaking?

Chine-collé or chine collé (French: [ʃin.kɔ.le]) is a printmaking technique in which the image is transferred onto a surface that is bonded onto a heavier support in the printing process. One purpose is to allow the printmaker to print on a much more delicate surface, such as Japanese paper or linen, that pulls finer details off the plate.

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