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Frequently Asked Questions

What is chitubox basic?

CHITUBOX Basic, a full-featured 3D printing preparation tool, is designed to edit and slice your models with only a few mouse clicks. Download Now Learn more.... A revolutionary 3D printing preparation program with plentiful powerful features that gives you more freedom and abilities on how to process your 3D printing data. BUY NOW Learn more....

Why does chitubox use cookies and my IP address?

CHITUBOX may use cookies and my IP address to collect individual statistics and to provide me with personalized offers to the Privacy Statement and Legal Notice. Forget the password?

How much does chitubox cost?

Chitubox Pro comes at a cost of $169 per year. In the midst of the Pro rollout, ChiTu Systems encrypted some of its newer LCD boards to only work with its new ctb file format, a format that can only be generated using either Chitubox Basic or Chitubox Pro.

How to download and install chitubox for PC?

To download and install CHITUBOX for PC, click on the "Get CHITUBOX" button. You will be taken to the product page on the official store (mostly it is an official website of the app). Please, follow next instructions: Press the button and open the official source. It could ask you to register to get the app. You should sign up.

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