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Frequently Asked Questions

How to install chitubox plugin?

The easy method is to double click the plugin and then the CHITUBOX with plugin installed will pop up automatically. Another one is to open CHITUBOX and click Menu > Help > Plugins. Then in the pop-up window, click “Import Plugin” to install the plugin manually.

How do I add a JSON file to my chitubox website?

Open Chitubox (I'm currently running 1.6.3) 3. From the menus select "Help", "Plugins", then select "Build Plugin". It will then prompt you to select a folder. Navigate to the folder you unzipped (this folder should have the .json file in it) and hit "Select folder"

Can I use chitubox software in the longer slicer?

I also own an orange 10 and want to use the chitubox software in the sted of Longers slicer. The longer slicer is glitchy and often crashes even after I run it in admin status. the igs file type is nessary.. will be hoping for the best. Yes!

How does chitubox work?

The file plugin.jason registers the plugin and tells Chitubox what executable to run after slicing, what file extension to use, and a couple more properties. Chitubox passes the path to the temp folder and the file name chosen by the user, with full path as as arguments that you can capture in the executable file.

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