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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Christian radio podcasts?

Christian Ministry Podcasts. features Christian stations from all over the United States. Find Christian teaching talk stations, Christian news stations, Spanish stations, and live contemporary Christian music from today’s top artists. Enjoy the latest Gospel music from yesterday and today.

What is syndication nation?

Syndicating your content is a proven way to gain national recognition and influence, reach a mass audience, and earn an income. Whether your goal is to syndicate via Radio, TV, the Web, Print, or a combination of media, SYNDICATION NATION will help you choose the best path, avoid common mistakes, and reap the rewards.

What services do we offer for syndication?

Our services include Station Affiliate Relations, Marketing, and Ad Sales as a complete Turn-Key package to syndication clients. This is by far our best value and service. Here are just some of the shows we represent. For radio stations interested in any of our shows please use this rapid-response form for immediate details and market availability.

How do radio stations name their genres?

When a station features a particular genre as most of their programming, we tend to give it the name of the genre. For instance—Jazz radio stations, Classical music stations, Hip-hop stations, etc. Many online radio stations make the mistake of playing music all day, year-round.

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