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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Chubbies Shorts?

THE ORIGINAL SHORT SHORTS: The Chubbies Stretch Swim Shorts feature a comfortable elastic waistband with a drawcord. Our 4-way stretch polyester/spandex blend makes Chubbies trunks impossibly stretchy. These comfortable trunks will be your new go-to poolside swimsuit.

Is Chubbies a good brand?

On a surface level, Chubbies looks like a great brand for quality shorts, but there’s a lot more to the company than that. One of the most noticeable issues on their website is that many of their reviews seem fake. After searching through real customer reviews, it seems that opinions on this brand are mixed.

What are Chubbies swim trunks?

Rocking our signature Chubbies prints, these weekend-enhancing swim trunks feature quick-drying 4-way stretch fabric with 3 pockets and a lightweight, anti-chafe liner to protect all your treasures from the deep sea. Are they for gyming? Or are the for swimming? They're both!

What is the difference between chubbies and Lululemon shorts?

Chubbies has some versatile shorts, and well, they tend do feel very light, great for those who are on the go. Lululemon is a little different, and leans more towards the traditional style of shorts, which doesn’t focus that much on versatility.

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