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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the chubby puppies&Friends pet Fun Center?

The Chubby Puppies & Friends Pet Fun Center comes complete with 1 Chubby Puppy mom and a little puppy baby! Mommy stumbles, fumbles and tumbles, but baby needs mommy to get around — from the bathtub to the carousel, and all around town!

What to do with the chubby puppies&friends?

Join the Chubby Puppies & Friends at the Pet Fun Center — it’s powered by the clumsy cuteness of the Chubby Puppies! Place mom in the bubbling bath and her fumbling energy will power the bubbles and pull baby up the elevator. Then send baby down the slide and into the swing set for some fun in the park! - 1 Playset. - 1 Chubby Puppy.

What is Chubby puppies play?

Puppies can ride the elevator, enjoy a bubble bath, take a trip down the slide, ride in the swing, and play on the carousel! It’s puppy play for mommy and baby Chubby Puppies — plus all their friends!

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