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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do with church space?

In addition to events Church Space caterers to event professionals seeking space for traditional events such as conferences, funerals, and galas and much more. Non profit, business owners and event professionals alike have used church space for years to host annual meeting or to rent office or meeting space.

What are the facilities of a Catholic Church like?

They include a book store-complete kitchen and dinning facilities that can seat 300 per meal-one small prayer chapel-one large complete church seating 290. There is also an enormous "state of the art" gym the can be used for a varity of indoor games and meetings.

What is it like to live in a church?

There is a worship center, seven bathrooms, nine classrooms or offices, a full kitchen with extra large pantry storage area, beautiful fellowship hall adjacent to the kitchen that seats 100+ people.

Why would someone post an unused space on spacetogether?

Someone has underutilized space. Underutilized, unused, whatever you call it, someone’s still paying for it, so they post it on SpaceTogether’s marketplace. Someone else needs flexible space. Church plants, non-profits, bible studies - and many more don’t need or can’t take on long term spaces.

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