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Frequently Asked Questions

What is churchtrac church connect?

Finally, a church website builder and app that is easy to use. Church Connect is the member-facing side of ChurchTrac. It enables your people to donate online and view their giving history, to view and register for upcoming events, to connect with church leadership, and more.

Is church Trac a good product for a church?

Would highly recommend as a beginner product for churches just starting and the cost is next to nothing. I am using church trac and I must say that there is nothing like it. We are a small church, so I am blessed to be able to use the free 100 names.

What software do you use to keep track of church membership?

We have been using free ChurchTrac for a year and found it helpful. This is the best software to track contributions, members attendance just to mention a few. It produces useful reports for the church and we are proud using it...Have so far entered 62 members an looking forward to upgrading it when we reach 100.

What can you do with the churchtrac mobile app?

Easily re-arrange and edit cards from within ChurchTrac. Your people can install the app on their device by simply scanning a QR code, or they can just view your custom web page in their browser. No more outdated pages with past events or broken links. Cards can be set to hide after a certain date.

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