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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy Cipollini onions?

Customers may find cipollini onions in their local grocery stores or through online shopping sites, like Amazon. Cipollinis are not the same as yellow cooking onions, so customers may need to ask the produce manager to point them out or order them.

What are Cipollini onions?

Cipollini onions are smaller than conventional yellow, red or white cooking onions. In fact, the word cipollini translated from Italian means “little onion.” Although its name is Italian, cipollini onions are used in a range of cuisines and dishes and are tasty eaten raw in salads or slowly cooked to release their natural sweetness.

How do you peel Cipollini onions?

Squeeze the onions out of their peels. Grab each cooled onion at its stem side. Squeeze the papery peel, pushing up against the onion as you work. The cipollini onion should gradually pop out of the skin as you push.

What is Cippolini onions?

The cippolini onions, however, are specific to Italian cooking and cuisine and they are represented by smaller onions, which are relished for roasting and Kabobs. The onion can vary in colors, but the most common one is the yellow cippolini in a flatter shape.

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