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Frequently Asked Questions

Is CityData a safe forum to use?

City data forum like many other sites and places are moderated by complete pussy. They will ban you if your post are slightly "offensive" in any way that go against whatever that current mod believe in. Those types of site mods like to exercise some type of virtual control since they probably have little to none over their personal lives.

Where is the city-data forum located?

The city-data forum is headquartered in North Korea. Pyongyang, to be exact. The city-data forum administrator is Kim Jong-Chul, a known relative of the late Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-Il, and of the current dictator Kim Jong-Un.

What is city-data?

long t. is an online cult. Their true purpose is thought policing for like minds. The forums are filled with parasitic (divorced) trolls who sometimes serve as moderators. Avoid this site.

What do consumers complain about about city-data?

Consumers complaining about most frequently mention right wing, politics forum and personal attacks problems. ranks 497th among Real Estate Other sites.

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