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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the city market of Los Angeles?

The City Market South site was part of the oldest produce market in Los Angeles, and has been owned and operated by The City Market of Los Angeles since 1909.

What is happening at City Market South?

Recently, the Company has sought to re-develop and entitle the central 10 acres of the market, which has produced the award-winning City Market South adaptive re-use project featuring destination restaurants, creative-office businesses, fashion showrooms and first-in-class event/banquet space.

What is on the city market menu?

City Market Menu 1 Cold Sandwiches 2 Hot Sandwiches 3 Soups & Sides 4 Party Platters 5 Signature Salads

What are the next phases of development for City market?

The next phases of development will be ground-up projects that include up to 1.7 million square feet featuring 945 residential units, 312,112 SF of educational/corporate campus, 272,283 SF of office space, 224,862 SF of retail space, and a 210-room hotel. Interested in learning more about City Market of LA?

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