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Frequently Asked Questions

What is citycitymd?

CityMD is a healthcare company co-founded in 2010 by Dr. Rich Park and a group of 8 physicians. The company operates more than 150 urgent care centers in New Jersey and New York. It is the largest urgent care company in the New York metro area.

What happened to CityMD urgent care clinics?

As lines at testing sites grow longer and coronavirus cases surge, the privately owned urgent care clinic CityMD has temporarily closed 19 of its 150 locations in New York and New Jersey, the company announced.

Is CityMD available 24/7?

CityMD Virtual Care Available 24/7 Download the My Summit Health App View our services Pause Find a CityMD Our Current Locations How can we help you? OUR SERVICES Find a CityMD Insurance Options The CityMD Experience PreviousNext When You Walk In Self Check-In Kiosks Take advantage of our self check-in kiosks. They're fast, simple and convenient.

Why are CityMD clinics in New York City closing?

Thirteen CityMD clinics across New York City – all of which offer COVID-19 testing – will temporarily close beginning Wednesday due to staffing concerns, according to the company.

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