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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a meal plan with clean EATZ?

Clean Eatz Meal Plans offers you the opportunity to have a personal chef prepare every meal for you at a cost you can afford. CLICK HERE FOR THIS WEEK'S MEAL PLAN MACRO MATRIX.

What kind of steak is at clean EATZ?

Steak w/ Green Beans & Rice - (Cal 348 F 8g/C 42g/P 27g) - Shredded steak, blanched green beans, and brown rice Specials are run through-out the month with limited availability. Specials are available only through the Build Your Own Meal Plan option.

What kind of chicken is on clean Eatz?

Chicken Adobo - (Cal 409 F 9/C 40g/P 42g) - Chicken, corn and peppers in an adobo sauce over an ancient grains blend (West of MO Only) Teriyaki Chicken - (Cal 322 F 6g/C 51g/P 29g) - Chicken in teriyaki sauce with asian veggies over brown rice (West of MO Only)

What kind of stir fry at clean EATZ?

Keto Sweet Chili Stir Fry - (Cal 336 F 16g/C 19g/P 29g) - Chicken in a sweet chili sauce with broccoli and pollock noodles

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