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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best cleaning solution for hardwood floors?

According to Witulski, vinegar is the best cleaner for hardwood floors, and it also happens to be natural, safe, and inexpensive. Witulski suggests making a solution by mixing a quarter cup of apple cider vinegar with a gallon of warm water.

How often you should clean hardwood floors?

How to Clean Hardwood Floors Clean hardwood floors about once a week. While it depends on how often you like to freshen up your home in general, Lou Manfredini, an Ace Hardware helpful expert, says ... Add sweeping and mopping to your routine. ... Remove any stains or scratches. ...

What do professionals use to clean hardwood floors?

Bleaching agents like oxalic acid or hydrogen peroxide can also be used for cleaning stains. Vinegar: Vinegar is used as a cleansing agent for cleaning many household things. Vinegar is also one of the most useful products for cleaning hardwood floors naturally.

What is the best treatment for hardwood floors?

Oil based wax sprays that accumulate create an unwanted film and a slippery floor, and may actually affect the re-coating process. Instead, a neutral pH cleaner is sufficient for most hardwood floors. For light treatment, a finish may be applied to fix fading.

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