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Frequently Asked Questions

Does cleansing actually work?

Yes, cleanses do work – when they are done correctly. Most people should not undertake anything more than a 3-day cleanse without working with your doctor. Cleanses pull out toxins from your body and put them back into circulation to be eliminated. That means your liver, kidneys, lungs, skin,...

Does clean and cleanse mean the same thing?

The verbs clean and cleanse share the definition to remove dirt or filth from. But clean is more often used literally. For example, you clean the floor, the dishes, and your hair. Cleanse, meanwhile, is more often figurative.

Is cleansing really necessary?

There are many areas where data cleansing plays a critical role. They include: Complying with data standards: With strict data protection regulations being enforced, such as GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA, it is highly necessary to have your data conform to these requirements. If you have clean, standardized, and deduplicated data records, only then will you be able to follow through the requests of hiding, updating, or erasing personally identifiable information as needed.

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