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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Clearfield City aquatic team?

Clearfield City Aquatic Team is a year round USA sanctioned swim team for youth ages 8-18. The Tiger Shark’s mission is to provide athletes with opportunities to develop and refine competitive swimming skills, learn the habits that will lead to a healthy lifestyle, and build a better sense of community through swimming.

What is the Clearfield Aquatic Center daily pass?

Daily admission to the Clearfield Aquatic Center gives you access to the entire facility and more! If you bring the whole family to the Center two times a month this pass pays for itself with full access to our amenities. Individual membership includes over 60 classes, full fitness access, and pool access.

What do you think of Clearfield center?

The Clearfield center is a good example of this new style, but there's nothing to set it apart from dozens of others like it along the Wasatch Front. I'm always a bit cold in places like this, and I wished the water temperature in the family play area was a bit higher.

How fun is the pool at sea life California aquarium?

The main pool is very fun with a lot of interactive options for kids but is MUCH TOO COLD. My four-year-old's lips turned completely blue after one hour. I plan on canceling the additional party we booked (when a manager showed up who knew how to work the computer).

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