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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Clearfield County CYFS?

Clearfield County CYFS shall provide services to empower all families to provide love, shelter and protection for their children outside of any public agency. This agency is committed to maintaining families at all costs, if possible.

How did Clearfield County get its name?

The creek’s name alluded to openings or “clear-fields” made by the large number of bison in the area. For many years Clearfield County functioned as part of Centre County, not electing its own commissioners until 1812.

What's new in Clearfield County businesses?

Recent additions to the Clearfield County business community include the Wal-Mart Distribution Center located in Bradford Township at old Exit 20 of Interstate 80, the newly-constructed Clearfield Campus of Lock Haven University and the State Correctional Institute at Houtzdale.

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