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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Clearfield?

Clearfield is the fiber to anywhere company. Clearfield’s ability satisfy the unique needs of every deployment for the service provider, engineer and network designer comes from our flexibility and product design methodology that offers total configurability.

Why choose Clearfield fiber?

Clearfield brings fiber to anywhere, with the ability to satisfy the unique deployment needs of the service provider, engineer and network designer. Clearfield’s product design methodology offers flexibility and total configurability.

What is a FXMP patch panel?

FieldSmart FxMP Patch Panel Designed to streamline, simplify and reduce the operational costs of deploying fiber, Clearfield’s FieldSmart FxMP fiber patch panel delivers a universal deployment option, making it easier to order, train field staff and support the rapidly growing market for fiber services.

Why Clearfield home deployment kits?

Simplifying deployments for the MDU, while dramatically speeding installations utilizing FieldShield and YOURx Platforms. Clearfield Home Deployment Kits provide everything needed to expertly manage fiber and bring leading edge fiber connectivity into the home. With a single part number, truck rolls are minimized, and customer turn up – fast!

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