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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cloudcloud Meadow?

Cloud Meadow is an 18+ (NSFW) indie farming/dungeon crawling game currently being developed by Team Nimbus. This Wiki page is not affiliated with Team Nimbus and is completely run by a fan of the game.

When should I use cloud Meadow in battle?

Another good reason to use it early in battle aside from the extra damage and DoT chance. Cloud Meadow is a typical turn-based RPG in the fact that you can bring 3 party members with you into a dungeon; however, the selection of characters you can choose from is vast.

How to break the wall on Level 3 in cloud Meadow?

This short guide for “investigate mine” quest will help you on how to break the wall on level 3 in Cloud Meadow. How to Break the Wall on Level 3? Look for triangular spars of rock pointing towards the center of the water fall, jump to the island in the middle of the water fall, and then walk into the waterfall.

Can I play as a male or female in cloud Meadow?

In Cloud Meadow you can decide whether to play as a male (Evan) or a female (Eve), however, the sex of your character will not affect your combat abilities. Both characters will have the same move list and starting stats. There are 9 total abilities the main character starts with already unlocked, with three of them pre-selected for you.

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