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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cloudcloud Meadow?

Cloud Meadow is an erotic simulator developed by Team Nimbus. Equal parts farming simulator, RPG, visual novel, and dungeon crawler, this game will have you experience the solitude of sky-high farming, the gritty action of battles, and a budding romance. You will work with monstrous allies, build your home, and explore uncharted lands.

Why is cloud meadow so hard to play?

For one, there are times that the camera angle in the dungeon moves off-screen. The game also sometimes deletes unlocked new scenes even though you saved them. More, the game is prone to crashing, especially if you have a lower-end device. Cloud Meadow is not your typical erotic game.

Is cloud Meadow similar to harvest moon?

It features rich mechanics similar to Harvest Moon with some parts that will remind you of Animal Crossing. The game is set in a fantasy world called Cloud Meadow, which is a series of floating islands. You can either play as Eve or Evan, and you will be a farmer tasked to clear up and maintain a rundown farm.

What is nowcloudos and how does it work?

It makes it extremely easy for game developers to build cloud-ready games for the future while keeping their existing Android games backward compatible. is powered by nowCloudOS’ distributed Android, that allows different parts of the Android stack to run on different machines. This has been enabled by our technology partner…

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