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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cloudflare an internet hero or villain?

February 28, 2019. Cloudflare, a little-known content delivery network and cloud security provider, has been lauded as an internet hero in many circles. The San Francisco-based company helps over 12m websites - ranging from Zendesk to even the Library of Congress - negotiate their place on the Wild Wild Web, while also shielding them from attacks with its free security and encryption products.

What exactly does Cloudflare do?

Basically, Cloudflare can detect malicious traffic before it reaches its location, and so it can intercept and block DDoS attacks and remove spam that would have otherwise caused the server hosting your website to crash.

What does the name Cloudflare mean?

What Is Cloudflare? Cloudflare is a service that offers security and performance features (among other things) to a wide network of websites. It acts as a reverse proxy, a middleman between you-the user-and a given website. When you go to visit that site, you'll be directed to one of Cloudflare's servers instead of the actual site's servers.

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