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Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is cloudcloudpath?

Cloudpath software secures network connections with WPA-2 Enterprise—the highest standard in secure Wi-Fi. The system encrypts data in transit between the device and Wi-Fi access points for maximum security. It lets you define and manage polices for network access so that users see only what they should see.

How do I contact Cloudpath support?

+1 303.647.1495 | +44 (01) 161.261.1400 | [email protected] | | ©2017 Ruckus Wireless, Inc. Cloudpath Quick Start Guide Cloudpath Security and Management Platform

What is Cloudpath es?

Cloudpath Security and Management Platform Cloudpath Enrollment System (ES) software is a security and policy management platform that enables any IT organization to protect the network by easily and definitively securing users and their wired and wireless devices—while freeing those users and IT itself from the tyranny of passwords.

How do I use Cloudpath quick start?

Cloudpath Quick Start Guide •Use the Snapshot(s)tab to view the latest snapshot, the version, timestamp and the notes added to a particular workflow. •Use the Advancedtab to view the Enrollment Portal URL, Passpoint OSU URL, and the QR code. You can also use it to Manage Chromebook Setupand for Cleanup. FIGURE 16.

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