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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name Cloudy mean?

User Submitted Meanings. A user from Washington, United States says the name Cloudy is of Native American origin and means "Mighty fighter of the river".

Is there difference between the terms cloudy and overcast?

As adjectives the difference between cloudy and overcast is that cloudy is covered with or characterised by clouds; overcast while overcast is covered with clouds; overshadowed; darkened. As a noun overcast is (obsolete) an outcast. As a verb overcast is (obsolete) to overthrow.

What type of cloud is partly cloudy?

Overcast: Flat sheet of light gray obscuring the whole sky. Cloudy: Any of the cumulus type clouds obscuring the whole sky (aka uneven cloud surfaces) Mostly Cloudy: 1/4 of the sky has blue patches. Partly Cloudy: About half the sky is unobscured. Mostly Sunny: 3/4-99% of the sky is unobscured and sky mostly has cirrus type clouds.

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