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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of makeup does Cher wear in Clueless?

For the most part, Cher and the girls wear relatively neutral and fresh-faced makeup looks throughout Clueless, except for when she gets all dolled for Christian and wears a dramatic pink shadow look — that's where I took my inspiration.

Is HipDot the new clueless?

Ugh, as if. HipDot has combined clever, Clueless-inspired packaging design with fun, truly wearable makeup that will make anyone fall totally butt crazy in love.

How old is Cher Horowitz in Clueless?

I may be the same age as Cher Horowitz, but that doesn't mean I'm still 16 (thank goodness). When I say I'm the same age as Cher Horowitz, I mean that, somewhere out there in the fictional Clueless universe, Cher Horowitz is 42 — like me.

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