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Frequently Asked Questions

What does CNB stand for?

CNB recently celebrated International Nurses Day with gifts of appreciation for 1,600 area nurses. CNB showed support for the nursing... John R. Waldron, President and CEO of County National Bank (“CNB”), is pleased to announce a new leadership team for the...

What is CBN and where does it come from?

It has a specific relationship with THC because, unlike other molecules, CBN doesn’t come directly from the marijuana plant. Instead, it forms from the exterior oxidation of THC. In other words, THC converts into CBN during its degradation. When you cut and store cannabis, THC ultimately becomes CBN.

What is CBN in marijuana and what are its benefits?

Poorly stored marijuana plants are often high in CBN. Since CBN is the breakdown of THC as the intoxicating compound ages, people often dismiss it. After all, you only find it in stale buds, so how useful can it be? However, recent research has determined that CBN potentially has an array of medicinal benefits.

What are the benefits of CBN for bone health?

CBN could help heal bones as it recruits stem cells from your bone marrow. Stem cells are converted into various cell types, including muscle, fat, cartilage, and bone cells. CBN could be responsible for increasing fibroblast cells, which greatly aid the healing of bone.

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