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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you think about the CNBC stock market app for Android?

This App for Android is laggy while refreshing data. Also unlike the iOS version you cannot filter the stock to show the ones that are reporting earnings or having ex-dividend days, today or in the next 7 days. Clearly this is beacuae of neglect from CNBC as they think all the rich folk who invest use iPhones!!!

What can I watch on CNBC view?

View trading data pre-market and after-hours, with charts with customizable time frames, all from your mobile device. In addition to following stocks and the markets, you can watch video clips and full episodes of daytime financial programming from CNBC’s top commentators and the best of CNBC primetime entertainment.

Who is the richest CNBC anchor?

The 10 Richest CNBC Anchors. 1 1. Sara Eisen – $25 million. Sara does not have any awards yet applauding her for her great work in the media, but she is still reputed among the best ... 2 2. Joe Kernen – $14 million. 3 3. Bill Griffeth – $10 million. 4 4. Andrew Ross Sorkin – $10 million. 5 5. Melissa Lee -$5 million. More items

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