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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the cncest 6040 router any good?

Welcome! The company I work for purchased a 6040 parallel port a CNCEST (no, not INCEST) CNC router from bestbid818 on eBay. It came with somewhat of a manual on CD and although it took me a while to set it up in Mach3, But I figured it out and it has had no significant problems. It has been a good production machine.

How do I set up a 6040 spindle on a CNC machine?

CNC 6040 Setup for Mach3. Set VFD rotary switch to PC control. Go to Mach3 main screen, and press Spindle Speed, then spindle CW F5 button. Spindle should start. If it does not, look at VFD display and verify it has a number showing like 16000+/-, then press the RUN button it should start. Use ...

Is the Mach 6040 CNC router setup over?

As far as now, the 6040 CNC router and 6090 CNC router setup is over, Please close the Mach software that all data setup can be available. And then open it again to check whether all the data is correct otherwise can’t run your mini CNC router machine well.

How to use CNC 6040z-s65j?

Our machine is 220V, when it is power on, please do not open the control box, do not touch the wiring connectors and not touch the running cutters, please wear the glasses or mask to protect yourself. How to use CNC 6040Z-S65J 1.Software 1. Open the Mach 3 file, double click the “Mach3xxxxx.Exe”to start. 2. Click the “Next” - 3 - 3.

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