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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose cncest?

The largest production company in the Power Milling Machines industry. Have the most professional technical team. Don’t worry about how to operating. Our products are already registered trademarks in the United States. This is our trademark “CNCEST”. Therefore, 100% product quality assurance. ☀【FREE SHIPPING!

Is the cncest 6040 router any good?

Welcome! The company I work for purchased a 6040 parallel port a CNCEST (no, not INCEST) CNC router from bestbid818 on eBay. It came with somewhat of a manual on CD and although it took me a while to set it up in Mach3, But I figured it out and it has had no significant problems. It has been a good production machine.

Does the cncest 6090 have a CD?

No cd. I do have it running, but it’s not cutting in the right direction. I would like to compare settings if you would. Did you ever get yours setup, I have just received the CNCEST 6090, Have it running but having trouble keeping the DRO to read in inches.

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