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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Disaster Services Unit (DSU)?

The Disaster Services Unit (DSU) leads the agency’s engagement across the disaster services cycle with federal, state, local, nonprofit, and other partners. The DSU’s role as the central hub for the agency’s disaster-related activities ensures that AmeriCorps engagement in this area is appropriate, consistent, and coordinated.

What does a NCCC member do during a disaster?

Disaster survivor assistance. Members engage in a variety of projects related to disaster response and other phases of disaster (preparedness, recovery, and mitigation). NCCC teams can be called upon to respond to disasters, often serving with local, state, tribal and federal partners.

What is the national disaster recovery framework (NDRF)?

National Disaster Recovery Framework (NDRF) As the NRF serves as the national guide for disaster response, the NDRF serves as the guide for long-term recovery and is supported by the continual development of detailed field guidance, and training tools.

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