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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hunter Biden know who is buying his art?

Two sources familiar with the sales arrangement told CNN that buyers will be anonymous and Hunter Biden will never have any knowledge on who even bid on his pieces. Ethics questions aside though, I was interested in something different: Is Hunter Biden's art, well, any good?

Why is Hunter Hunter's art up for auction?

Hunter's art has, of late, received a lot of attention -- for all the wrong reasons. Some of his pieces are set to go up for auction and the White House has been forced to deal with ethics questions about people buying the artwork for huge sums as a way to curry favor with President Joe Biden.

Did Sean Spicer showcase Hunter Biden’s latest art work on Newsmax?

You’ve got to see Sean Spicer’s take on Hunter’s work. Spicer appeared on Newsmax. This is HILARIOUS! EXCLUSIVE: @SeanSpicer showcases Hunter Biden's latest work of art. Even foreign media is beginning to pick up on this story. The BBC reports that the White House is now on defense mode:

What are some of the best examples of art by Joe Biden?

Picasso is an obvious example. The issue with Biden's work is more just that it's kind of pleasant. The colors are pretty, the patterns are nice, but it has no real urgency, no underlying poetry.

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