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Frequently Asked Questions

What is colorin Colorado?

Colorín Colorado ( es un sitio Web bilingüe que ofrece información, actividades y consejos acerca de cómo ayudar a que tengan éxito los estudiantes que están aprendiendo el idioma inglés (English language learners, o "ELLs" por sus siglas en inglés).

What is the Colorín Colorado resource library?

Resource Library Our Colorín Colorado resource library is filled with tools and materials that you can use in the classroom, with parents, and for your own professional development! These resources include tip sheets, research reports, recommended websites, resources organized by state, and much more.

What kind of video content does colorin Colorado offer?

Colorín Colorado's rich library of video content includes classroom videos from schools around the country, professional development webcasts, and interviews with educators, administrators, researchers, and authors of children's and young adult literature.

Is there a free print guide for parents in Colorado?

Colorín Colorado is pleased to offer free print guides created for parents, teachers, and anyone who wants to improve the reading achievement of children. You're welcome to download and print these guides for your own use or to distribute to others. Reading Tip Sheets for Parents Reading Tip Sheets for Parents

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