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Frequently Asked Questions

What does commercial mean?

Commercial is the broader term, covering all the activities and relationships of industry and trade. In a derogatory sense it may mean such a preoccupation with the affairs of commerce as results in indifference to considerations other than wealth: commercial treaties; a merely commercial viewpoint.

What are the best commercials of all time?

10 best Super Bowl commercials of all time 10. Volkswagen: The Force (2011) 9. Pepsi: Cindy Crawford (1992) 8. Reebok: Terry Tate, office linebacker (2003) 7. Nike: Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny (1992) 6. Budweiser: Bud frogs (1995) 5. Career Builder: Monkey office (2006) 4. Coca Cola: Mean Joe Greene (1979) 3. Apple: 1984 (1984)

What does commercials mean?

In the investment field, the term commercial is used to refer to a trading entity engaged in business activities that are hedged by positions in the futures or options markets. A commercial plays an active role in the futures and forward markets, ranging from the initial production to the final sales.

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