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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a commercial real estate syndication sponsor?

The commercial real estate syndication sponsor is responsible for identifying investment properties, arranging the financing, acquiring the property, and overseeing the management of the day-to-day rental operations. Whereas the sponsor is quite active in the syndicate, investors are passive and play little role in the deal other than investing.

What is a real estate pitch deck?

Real Estate Pitch Deck An effective real estate pitch deck shifts depending on the type of property or classification. For instance, developers may need short-term financing to cover their expenses associated with development.

What is a syndicate in commercial real estate?

A commercial real estate syndicate is a group of private investors who pool their money to finance a large real estate project. Syndication allows each investor to participate in a project that requires a down payment larger than any of the investors could individually afford.

Why might you want to consider real estate syndication?

You might want to consider doing real estate syndication because you can make a nice amount of monthly income through asset management, acquisition fees, or if you are the agent, you can earn lots of commission from selling your own deals. 1. It is a relationship-based business It is important to relax and be yourself.

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