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Frequently Asked Questions

What does by committee mean?

Design by committee is a term sometimes used to describe a design that is flawed because too many people provided input. The phrase implies a lack of a coherent vision and, perhaps as a result, a failure to successfully solve the problems the design was intended to solve. In a software development context, design by committee is a controversial...

What is the abbreviation for the word committee?

The standard abbreviation for committee is "ctte." and this is in all of the major dictionaries. The plural is cttes.

What are common abbreviations of 'Committee'?

There is one common way to abbreviate committee. cmte. PTA cmte. The plural abbreviation of committee is cmtes. This abbreviation is usually found in organizational sub-groups of decision makers, titles, shorthand, business groups, or in reference to governmental bodies.

Is Cttee the correct abbreviation for the word committee?

How is Committee abbreviated? CTTEE stands for . CTTEE is defined as Committee very frequently.

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