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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the goal of the committees of correspondence?

The Committees of Correspondence promoted manufacturing in the Thirteen Colonies and advised colonists not to buy goods imported from Britain. The goal of the Committees of Correspondence throughout the Thirteen Colonies was to inform voters of the common threat they faced from their mother country – Britain.

What was the purpose of the committees of Correspondance?

The Committees of Correspondence were the American colonies’ means for maintaining communication lines in the years before the Revolutionary War.

Who were the leaders of the committees of correspondence?

The first standing Committee of Correspondence was formed by Samuel Adams and twenty other Patriot leaders in November of 1772 in Boston in response to the Gaspée Affair, which had occurred the previous June in the colony of Rhode Island. Samuel Adams portrait. Samuel Okey. 1775.

Why were the committees of Correspondence established?

Committees of correspondence originally began as a way for colonial leaders to protest specific actions taken by the British such as the Currency Act of 1764, which served as the catalyst for the first committee. At their inception, the committees took a conservative tone.

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