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What was the Committee of correspondence 1772?

Committees of Correspondence. Their emergence as agencies of colonial discontent was prompted by Samuel Adams, who, at a Boston town meeting on November 2, 1772, secured the appointment of a 21-man “committee of correspondence…to state the rights of the Colonists and of this Province in particular, as men, as Christians,...

What is comittees of correspondence?

COMMITTEES OF CORRESPONDENCE were used in eighteenth-century America to maintain contact among institutions and communities. The Massachusetts Assembly established such a committee to deal specifically with the problem of British policy as early as 1764.

What was the role of the commissions of correspondence?

Committees of Correspondence, groups appointed by the legislatures in the 13 British American colonies to provide colonial leadership and aid intercolonial cooperation. Samuel Adams.

What was the purpose of the commune of correspondence?

Committees of Correspondence. The following year, New York formed a similar committee to keep the other colonies notified of its actions in resisting the Stamp Act. In 1773, the Virginia House of Burgesses proposed that each colonial legislature appoint a committee for intercolonial correspondence.

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