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Frequently Asked Questions

Why were the committees of Correspondence established?

Committees of Correspondence. The establishment of these standing committees of correspondence was an important development in American history because they enabled the colonies to frame a more unified response to grievances regarding British colonial policies. Their formation played a key role in the eventual convening of the First Continental Congress in 1774.

Who started the Committee of correspondence?

According to Hancock (1973), a committee of correspondence was established by Thomas McKean after ten years of agitation centered in New Castle County. In neighboring Kent County Caesar Rodney set up a second committee, followed by Sussex County.

Who started the committees of Correspondance?

The committees of correspondence was the brainchild of Boston patriot Samuel Adams, intended to establish an underground network of communication among patriot leaders in the Thirteen Colonies via letter writing.

Who were on the committees of correspondence?

The original members of the Committee of Secret Correspondence were Benjamin Franklin, Benjamin Harrison V, Thomas Johnson, John Jay, Robert Morris, and John Dickinson.

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