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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the job of the committees of correspondence?

The committees of correspondence functioned mainly as a means of spreading news and information about the Patriot cause and mobilizing opposition to British policies in cities, towns and rural communities throughout the colonies.

What was the main purpose of the committees of correspondence?

The Committees of Correspondence were set up to function as shadow governments during the American Revolution. They were to function as legitimate governments in the colonies in the colonists efforts to establish a new country and build institutions outside of previously controlled British government institutions.

Why were the committees of Correspondence formed?

The Committees of Correspondence were formed to increase communication between the different colonies. They were shadow governments formed by Patriots and extremely influential leading up to the American Revolution, as they boycotted English products and made plans for collective action.

What is the definition of committees of correspondence?

committee of correspondence. Definition of committee of correspondence. : a body established by various towns or assemblies of the American colonies to exchange information with each other, mold public opinion, and take joint action against the British.

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